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Thank you for visiting our author page. We wanted to create an interactive environment where our readers can collaborate with us on our new books. We want your feedback. We enjoy learning what you like or dislike about our books and how we can make them better. Please join our mailing list and get sneak peaks at our newest books. 

Special Thanks

First, we want to thank everyone who has purchased a copy of one of our books. We especially appreciate those that have taken the time to write a positive review; each one brings us one step closer to our dream of making a living as full-time authors. 


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How we come up with our stories

I (James) get asked rather frequently where we get the ideas for our stories. While there's no simple answer to this questions, we do have our sources of inspiration. Miranda and I are both extremely well-traveled, which helps us to have a broad view of world events and to better understand different cultures, places, and people. I personally have spent 10 years in the military and another 8 years as a DoD contractor, traveling to over 50 countries during that time. We also spent several years living abroad, which truly changes how you see life.


We both also have advanced degrees and have a broad work experience background, so we have a depth of experiences from which to draw. One of the ways I become inspired to help us write our stories is by reading other Indie authors' books. I'm an avid reader and probably go through at least three books a month, in addition to writing our own. I gain a lot of technical perspective on how to do better character development, scene descriptions, etc. by reading works from other authors who are masters at this. We then try to integrate techniques that we have learned into each new book. 

We have also enjoyed interacting with our readers through social media, and now on this page. The suggestions that we receive from our fans have definitely influenced our work. We highly encourage everyone to interact with us and collaborate on creating the next great book series.