Frontline Publishing Patreon

Many of you know we are mentoring a handful of veterans to become writers like us. This is a time consuming and expensive endeavor as we look to provide them with some educational resources and tools to improve their skills. We’re also working with them to build up their social media presence and grow their own writing brand. 


Our goal is to teach these guys to fish—to be able to grow a business and become self sufficient without having to rely on a government handout or disability aid. We can give life a new purpose for these veterans just as I’ve found a new mission through writing. There are few times and situations in life where you can have a very direct impact in the lives of people, and this is one of those times. 


I’d like to ask if you could consider supporting us with a monthly contribution on Patreon. We’re giving our Patreon members some great benefits for being a part of the group. More than that, you get to have a direct impact in these guys’ lives. Having a new mission and purpose provides hope.

Thank you all for your continued support.