Monroe Doctrine: Volume 2

Monroe Doctrine: Volume 2


The first Artificial Intelligence attack is launched…

…the Monroe Doctrine is tested…

A war begins.


The Chinese initiate a cyber Blitzkrieg against the West. Deepfake attacks blanket the internet, leaving many to question what’s real and what’s fake. The American and European financial markets collapse, and the global supply chain is thrown into chaos as a pandemic rocks the world.


The United States and NATO respond. The US & Royal Marines are called upon to do something they haven’t done since the days of the Pacific war—wage an island hopping campaign.  


Will China’s expansionist goals be contained?


Our heroes continue to battle the People’s Liberation Army across the Caribbean and South America. Will our spies uncover the true nature of the Chinese plot before it’s too late?


Can new alliances form between old adversaries?


If you love daring espionage, political chess, and fast-paced combat, you’ll love this second book in Rosone and Watson’s newest series, The Monroe Doctrine.


Grab your copy of this riveting military-technothriller today!