Monroe Doctrine: Volume 3

Monroe Doctrine: Volume 3


Nations are coming together

…As the plot has been revealed….

A World War War has begun


Taiwan has been invaded, the Koreas are at war, and the Russian Far East has been invaded.

As NATO reels from one attack after another, old rivals ban together to stop the Chinese juggarnaunt. Russian Spetsnaz attempt to hold a key bridge, French Foreign Legion wage a guarilla war in the jungles, and German Commandos attempt a daring raid in the Indian Ocean.


Can the world stop China and their AI computer from dominating the globe, or is it too late?

The battles that have been raging across the Caribbean and South America spill over into Asia. Our spies uncover even more details of this tangled web.


Can a World War reunite the globe?


Will new alliances hold together?


If you love geopolitical intrigue, gripping high-tech espionage and pulse-pounding battle scenes, you’ll love this conclusion to Rosone and Watson’s newest series, The Monroe Doctrine.


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