When superpowers collide…

…a single shot can ignite a global disaster.

Will the Ukrainian conflict start WWIII?

Barely settled into the White House, the new American President is faced with a choice. With the smartest military advisers by his side, and the Joint Chiefs prepared for war, he must give the order. 

Who will he listen to?

What’s the correct move?

In Moscow, the memory of the long winter never fades. The Ukraine is key to the Kremlin’s plans and the Americans are meddling where they don’t belong. This chess match will change the world.

Never has technology been so advanced.

But that alone won’t win the day.

If you enjoy force-on-force battles filled with hair raising action, you’ll be hooked from the start. It will keep you turning the pages because everyone loves an edge of your seat thriller.

Battlefield Korea New Covers.jpg

The world’s eyes watch…

…but it’s what they don’t see that matters.

With eyes on Europe, will North Korea exploit this chance?

While the soldiers of the 2nd Infantry Division patrol the DMZ, China convinces North Korea to mobilize. This is the scenario the Chinese have been planning for and they’re ready.

A surprise attack in Europe has NATO reeling.

The new American President has to learn quickly if he wants to pull the country out of the disaster in Europe, but will he be ready for what comes from the South China Sea?

The news headlines can’t be trusted.

There’s a war being fought behind the scenes, but who is pulling the strings? Who will step up and support the President in the country’s greatest time of need?

You’ll love this thrilling story because James Rosone and Miranda Watson know how to keep you turning the pages until well past your bedtime.

Battlefield Taiwan Small.jpg

Is it too late to stop the dominoes from falling?

Not since the US pulled out of Vietnam has the communist threat been so real.

Taiwan is at risk.

If America loses its ally in the Pacific Rim, the Chinese will be one step closer to dominating all of Asia. Japan, Thailand, the Philippines—no one will be safe from their hostile takeover.

The President must act. Force is needed, but the deployment won’t be popular. Politics are always being played. Can POTUS muster the courage to do what’s right?

Will the United States of America remain the beacon of democracy the world needs?

Is it too late?

If you enjoy force-on-force battles filled with hair raising action, you’ll be hooked from the start. It will keep you turning the pages because this one strikes a nerve.

Battlefield Pacific Small.jpg

The communist threat is real…

…and the socialists at home are emboldened.

Can the President fight a war and a PR battle?

The Philippines must not fall. Despite the devastating loss of two aircraft carriers, the U.S. forces make a bold move. Will the Atlantic carrier group be enough? The formidable Chinese drones make this war unlike any fought in human history.

The Allies must hold their ground.

Can they uncover the Russian and Chinese plans in time?

How will India and Indonesia’s involvement change the math?

Is this democracy’s last stand?

If you enjoy naval battles filled with life and death decisions, you’ll be hooked from the start. This series just keeps getting better and better.

Battlefield Russia 2 Small.jpg

Is war on another front…

…going to lead to defeat?

Losses in the Pacific have cost the Allies.

The stakes raise as battlefield tactics and back room diplomacy muddy the waters. Was it a mistake to engage in Russia? Will it cost the President at home? The country is divided. The casualties mount. Has the tide of war shifted from the Allies?

As the U.S. manufacturing machine struggles to keep up with the demands, the country needs to unite to make it through.

Can the President bring the people together?

Does he have a strategic card left to play?

You’ll enjoy the fifth book in this epic war series because everyone loves an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride.

Battlefield China Small.jpg

There is only one question…

…will China use its nukes?

In this chess match of war, the endgame has arrived.

Honor is important. The leader of China wants to save face, but at what cost? Despite the best diplomatic efforts, the two sides are miles apart. How serious are they at ending the conflict? Who will blink first?

India with its nuclear power has taken a stand, and it’s with China.

Can the US President find a way out of WWIII?

Or is the human race at an end?

This is the dramatic conclusion to this epic Red Storm Series. It lives up to the hype. You’ll love every page of the ending because we all enjoy unexpected twists and turns.